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Jolly Gutsy Gathering Nottinghamshire

01 April 2022

Gut health and self connection through food and movement. Fire side gathering in the safety of nature. Reconnect to your gut, heart, mind and soul to boost your wellbeing.

Primal Needs Gathering in Nature

Your physical and emotional wellbeing begins in your gut. This day will reconnect you to your primal needs for your wellbeing. Your gut, mind, body and soul. We guarantee you will leave feeling nourished and loved. 

The Experience - What you will receive:

  • Knowledge of the connection between the health of the soil and our physical and emotional health through the gut.
  • What our body and souls primal needs are for the season.
  • The importance of nourishing the gut wall for emotional and physical wellbeing.
  • The power of food as medicine.
  • Why how your food is grown and produced is important for your health. 
  • How movement and breath effects our digestive system.
  • You will take nourishment from Jolly Allotment’s beautiful fire cooked food.
  • Find peace in the healing movement class and kind words of Kate - Roar Movement.
  • Calm your nervous system to rest and digest with the soul fuelling meditation in the cathedral of trees.
  • Discover power of connection to Nature and Community.

What's included:

  • A light Breakfast on arrival Veggie Juice and warming gut friendly porridge. 
  • Fire side Inspirational Chat from Polly of Jolly Allotment 
  • Self connection movement with Kate from Roar Movement
  • Fire Cooked Two Course Lunch - In days gone by stores of food would be running low at this time of year, fire rituals would be performed to ensure a good growing season and to increase the power of the returning sun. So to honour this our lunch will be a delicious fire cooked offering to celebrate life.
  • Gut Health talks and advice from Polly of Jolly Allotment
  • Afternoon meditation
  • Endless Jolly herbal tea and Coffee
  • Cake and Goodie Bag.
  • Time in nature to connect
  • Exclusive Community Facebook Group

The investment:

 Ticket Price: 

Early Bird ticket £105/person buy before 1st March Limited number available.

Standard ticket £115/person  Limited number available.

All prices inc VAT where applicable.

Gift Vouchers Available: Please purchase your tickets and leave a note in the cart with the recipients address and message details. Please also leave your phone number so we can check the details with you before sending. Thank you.

Who Would Love This Experience?   What ever your level of understanding of gut health or experience of breath work and yoga this is a day for you. You will learn how to intuitively listen to your body to know what it needs, how to clear your mind and destress. 

An intimate safe gathering in nature. Where you will gently reconnect to yourself and community. 

There is so much nourishment in this one day you will float home feeling abundant, loved, and ready to rock this brave new world. Feeling calm connected and whole again. We’ve all been living in fight and flight for two years, so it is time to bring ourselves back to rest and digest. Come and gather around the campfire at this special woodland venue for a feast and talks on how to move from survive to thrive. Nourish your gut, mind body and soul.

What to Expect:

This is a truly unique wonderful day that will empower you to feel super well from the inside out! These days are in the safety of nature we will be in an open air or under canvas and we will feast around the fire on the food grown around us and move and connect to our breath in the ancient woodlands surrounded by the cathedral of trees. Please dress appropriate for the weather. 

Who we are:

Polly Baldwin - Gut health and regenerative wellbeing expert. Founder of Jolly Allotment and Retreat Fire Cook. Polly regenerated her own health through food and nourishment when she was told there was nothing modern medicine could offer her to improve her debilitating symptoms. So she turned to natures medical cabinet and the soil for help. She now speaks, cooks and shares her knowledge to help others improve their own physical and emotional health through good food and reconnecting with their primal human needs. 


The details:

• When: 30th April 2022

• Where: FarmEco, Home Farm, off, Lodge Ln, Screveton, Nottingham NG13 8JL

• Timings: Arrive from 9.30 am talks begin at 10.00 am start - Depart from 3.30 pm

How to get there:

By car. Car parking is available on site. Follow the sat nav. NG13 8JL Location Link 

By Train. 

Weather policy: All our events is all about connecting with nature and the elements so much of the day will be outside so please dress sensibly in warm coats and shoes. We will be eating in the rather beautiful farm under canvas or around the fire. If we have to reschedule because of the high winds, we will move your ticket to the new date or refund where appropiate.

Cancellation policy : All ticket prices included a none refundable booking feee of £3.50 inc VAT. We are a small company so our refund policy is to not offer refunds unless exceptional circumstances. We will try to move you to another date and resell your ticket. If for any reason Jolly Allotment Ltd have to cancel the day we will refund your the ticket or give you the option to move to a new date. By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to or refund policy. Thank you for your understanding. 

Dietary Requirements: I cater for all dietary needs except regrettably Nut allergies, I hate not being able to cater for you nut allergic friends, but my kitchen is completely coeliac friendly and I use a lot of nuts. I know how much havoc trace gluten has on me and I cannot guarantee cross contamination of nuts, I am so sorry! Please inform us of any other dietary requirements. 

Food Mannifesto: All the seasonal food will have full provenance. It will be as local and as organic or regenerative and nature friendly as possible, we have connections the most wonderful farmers.

Date and Time

Fri, 01 April 2022
9.30 - 16.00


Farm Eco.
Home Farm,
Off Lodge Ln,
NG13 8JL


From £105

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