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Hi! I’m Polly!

Welcome to Jolly Allotment! This is my story about feeling well from the inside out!

This is the journey around the realisation and celebration of the importance of gut health for mind and body wellness. You may or may not suffer from an allergy or intolerance, you may be stressed and tired, you may just want a more calm and jolly appreciation and enthusiasm for the little simple things in life!

The Jolly Journal

Find out about the benefits of being gut healthy through an organic, chemical-free living for the mind and the body! Search through my own articles or seek out inspiration and advice from articles written by a network of health and wellbeing professionals. The Journal is a growing resource to find lots of information on how to get help and advice to live a jollier life whatever your situation!

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Jolly - On The Move

The Jolly Trolly is destined to be a wellness hub on wheels! It will be heavily allotment themed as this is where I come from growing my own goodness and it is this experience I want to share out on the road - at festivals, shows, exhibitions, street food pop-up’s - you name it - with your help - we’ll be there!

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My Story

2015. I was physically in a very dark place, Headaches, chronic fatigue, arthritic joints, sore muscles, eczema, constant pain in my ovary, brain fog, memory loss, numb limbs. I could not see a way out of the dark. I felt like a complete failure that I wasn’t able to hold my life together, so I hid a lot of the symptoms from those close to me. I began to suffer from anxiety and being self employed I was worried that my job was becoming painful and difficult. I was having ridiculously extreme mood swings, I felt out of control. Doctors insisted I was ‘just a thirty something female with stress and depression’ offering me beta blockers and antidepressants...

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adjective, jollier, jolliest.
1. In good spirits; lively; merry.
2. Cheerfully festive or convivial.
3. Joyous; happy.

verb, jollied, jollying.
Informal. to talk to (a person) in order to keep that person in good humour, to jolly a person along.


A plot of land rented by an individual for growing.