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What is regenerative agriculture? And Why is it important?

What is regenerative agriculture? And Why is it important? To tell us I have enlisted the help of Alex from Always Grazing. A new Yorkshire based regenerative online butcher. We are so excited about the work these guys are doing to help educate and make better quality meet choices more accessible to us all!

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To be Vegan or Not to be Vegan ?

To be Vegan or Not to be Vegan ? That always seams to be the question at this time of year!  I get asked this the most when I am speaking at events or catering retreats. My belief and experience is that the best diet is the one that suits your body and your gut microbiology! 

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A eulogy to one of life's greatest people - Our Dad

A hard act to follow… Loveable rouge, unique, respected chef, restaurateur extraordinaire, entertaining story teller, landlord.  My oldest friends words got him just right for me … ‘A wonderful unique man who always new how to make everyone feel welcome and how to throw the best parties’

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Tahini and Date Fudge

I was completely sugar free for two years and now I am refined sugar free. This is one of my favourite treat recipes.medjool dates

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Jolly Allotment Signature Flaxseed Loaf

Jolly Allotment signature flaxseed loaf. This bread is a great source of fibre and makes perfect breakfast toast or sandwich.

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A Jolly Gutsy Gathering -Edition One October 2019

We gathered around the camp fire talked all things gut health and how important connection with food, community and nature are for our wellbeing. Such a beautiful day left me with a glow in my heart.

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Follow Your Gut... Some Wise Words from Libby Limon BSc Nutritional Therapist

One of the corner stone functions a nutritionist will look at is your digestive system, as without this working well, nothing you consume will be absorbed well...

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Jolly Allotment Diary - 1st January 2019

1st January 2019 - New Years Day at Jolly Allotment

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The Jolly Trolly Adventure Continues...

Yay! It's so good to get started on the trailer - Who knew demolishing it would be so satisfying.

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2018 at Jolly Allotment - Allotment Advent

2018 on the Allotment was a learning experience of triumph and disaster but alway beautiful and always worth the effort.

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Living with Anxiety?

My action plan for days when I feel anxious, sad and emotional.

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The Jolly Trolly Trailer Adventure Has Begun

The adventure to turn my vintage rice trailer into a mobile goodness for wellness hub has begun.

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Do you feel like the world is not on your side? Here’s how to change your perspective.

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