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Jolly Allotment Diary - 1st January 2019

Wowzers... New Years Day was so warm this year I couldn't resist a couple of hours tidying up at the allotment. Truth be known I've been procrastinating about it for weeks. I've only been up to grab the odd leek always with my blinkers on so that I didn't notice how much work there was to do.

Today I pulled back the veggie net on the brassicas plot expecting just to see weeds and rotting veg but wow was I surprised! One super beautiful red cabbage perfectly formed and several black tuscan kale and curly kale plants all perfect for harvesting. All such hardy crops which are great for our gut health, full of vital nutrition. I will be able to make some sauerkraut and my fav accompaniment to curry - crispy black kale. Delicious! 

I also did a little dance of joy today because in a couple of hours I got four of the beds all hand weeded and tidy. This time last year I was still suffering with fatigue and arthritis so it would have taken me a week doing one hour each day just to do one of the beds. So I am giving myself a pat on the back and thanking myself for being patient with my health. Onwards and upwards we go!

Happy New Year to you all! I look forward to sharing the allotment journey with you this year learning from our triumph and disasters and from each other! 

Wishing you a jolly 2019!

Polly x


Thank you for reading the Jolly Journal - I really appreciate your interest and hope it's of value to you. I am dyslexic and for years this stopped me writing because of the fear of getting it wrong. Now I am embracing my fear so I appreciate your understanding if you see a mistake I have missed. Thank you! - Polly x

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