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Yule Tide - Our inner primal human and Why it can feel overwhelming


December is the darkest month in the Northern hemispheres Calendar. As primal humans we would take December as a month of rest and hibernation and your body remembers this. This is why our modern way of living December can feel so overwhelming and leave us completely exhausted. Just knowing how your body wants to be in December and over the Yule Tide can help you gift yourself some things you need to keep you more in balance so you can be at your best for yourself and those around you.

Remember our Jolly Allotment Mantra ...

How do I feel? What do I need?  

During the dark days of December are when there is little food in the ground our whole existence as primal humans was about survival, staying warm by the fire and being calm and quiet so we did not use energy we could not replace with fuel. This is deep rooted in the somatic memory of our being and our bodies still want to sleep with the sun and rise with the sun. This is why our modern hustle and bustle of December can feel really overwhelming for some people.

December was a time for reflection and rest in the dark days leading up to the winter solstice where we would sit quietly together as a community and reflect on what has been and start to think about what we have learned so we could evolve from our learnings. Yule Tide celebrations would begin on the Winter Solstice on the darkest day we would gather around the fire and honour the year that has past. Reflect on our thoughts and feelings. Give thanks to the universe for our blessings and release into the fire anything we wish to let go of before moving forward into the new year. Yule Tide would be a time for coming together lighting fires celebration and wild hunts and gatherings as we begin to restore our bodies and minds from the safety of fire and community and receive gifts from the gods into the fires.

I for one find our modern way of living December too much. This constant hustle to buy, to gift to make money to conform to the expectations of others and to manage the emotions of others. My body really always wants to shut down of course I can't fully allow that as we all have to make hay whilst the world is in a spending frenzy but it never feels comfortable to me. 

What ever you feel at this festive time of year is valid!

Some people love the frenzy of the run up to Christmas and then take the time between Christmas and NewYear to rest it does not matter what you feel or need as long as you are remembering to check in with yourself. 

Hand on belly , Hand on Heart and breathe. 

Inhale - Exhale - Inhale - Exhale - Inhale ask yourself 'how do I feel? ' - Exhale ask yourself 'What do I need' - TAKE ACTION.

For me I need to practice my yoga, breathe work and walks in nature, I need to remember to ask myself what feels good to me and then honour that. Taking five minutes out of your day just to be with yourself can gift you the calm your body needs and is shouting for if you listen.

Thats all it takes a conscious five minutes of breathe and stillness. 

Remember this. A little bit of what you fancy does you good so don't beat yourself up if you are eating all the naughtiness we have available to us, enjoy it guilt free , indulge yourself and know January you can repair and regenerate your gut so you feel full of energy for 2024.  But more on that next week for now I want to wish each and everyone of you the most incredible December no matter how you choose to spend it!!!

Love and kale and kindness.


Thank you to Nat Aubry for the photographs from one of our Gatherings at Albion nights this Autumn. 

Thank you for reading the Jolly Journal - I really appreciate your interest and hope it's of value to you. I am dyslexic and for years this stopped me writing because of the fear of getting it wrong. Now I am embracing my fear so I appreciate your understanding if you see a mistake I have missed. Thank you! - Polly x


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