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22 June 2023

Join Jolly Allotment with the incredible Rise and Thrive Uk in the tranquility of Castle Howards walled garden for a morning reconnecting to your wild soul through the use of your breath, cold water and Fire Followed by a beautiful Lunch in Nature.

Ticket Release on 13th April 2023


Thursday 22nd June 2023 

10PM - 2PM


Join Jolly Allotment and the incredible James and Natalie Bradshaw from Rise and Thrive UK in the peace and tranquility of Castle Howards walled garden for a morning reconnecting to your wild soul through the use of your own breath and cold water.

We will gather in nature where James and Natalie will guide us through a breath work and cold water session to help calm the nervous system and reconnect you to your wild soul. This is a beautiful opportunity to introduce yourself to these powerful therapies. Guided by qualified Whim Hoff instructor James Bradshaw and partner Natalie Bradshaw. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in self regulation to reclaim your power to feel in control and grounded in an uncertain world.

We will then warm up around the fire with a simple seasonal gut nourishing brunch and a warm fireside hug and talk from Polly Baldwin human primal needs expert and chef where you will learn why it is important to have fire in your life and to gather and cook around it to feel the benefits for our immune system and to help us feel more calm. 

This is an exclusive event and collaboration of knowledge from some really inspirational speakers a great opportunity to learn and connect to yourself and community in nature. 


Welcome drink

Inspirational talk from James Bradshaw

Guided breath work and cold water sessions

Fire side talk with primal needs expert Polly Baldwin 

Fire cooked Lunch 

Goodie Bag

Access to Castle Howard grounds

Exclusive access to the walled garden

This is an exclusive event for a cosy community of people in nature under canvas please be aware this is an out door event. 

Investment £95

All diets catered for except nut and sesame allergies. Please contact us before booking if you are concerned. 


Accommodation can be booked separately through Castle Howard camping and cottages available.

Cottages -

Camping/Caravanning -


Natalie and James Bradshaw :

Natalie, I haven't taken western medication for over 7 years and have managed to keep my autoimmune issues at bay (unless I fall into old habits!) Even now with over 1000 study hours with many global master teachers and reading hundreds of books, I continue to search for and experience alternative ways to live at optimal health in this modern world. Going deeper into the layers is my passion, specifically in conjunction with traditional Chinese medicine, organ health, the energetic body and breath work. Sound and Reiki has also been a huge influence in my healing path which is why James (my husband) and I love to work together and create healing and transformational experiences which we can offer on a private basis, group classes, workshops or retreats. 

James,  I injured my spine in a car accident and the doctors said that I would need to start saving for a £20k operation to remove some of my spine which would manage the pain. The injury was affecting my life and somedays I couldn’t walk – this is where my journey started in looking for alternative ways to heal. I started regular yoga classes and very soon I regained strength, mobility and reduced pain. It was actually in the yoga studio that I saw a leaflet for Reiki and became very curious in how I could tap into my own healing potential. In the back of my mind I knew this was the tool I could use to help myself and others. It has been quite a journey working towards my Reiki master degree and the Wim Hof Method and digging deeper into the potentials of Sound Therapy. Collectively it has taken my own healing ability and what I can offer to a whole new level which in fact has recently helped me fight cancer for the 2nd time. Understanding Cancer triggers, how to prevent, slow down, and potentially cure with lifestyle and alternative healing methods has become a big area of interest for me and Natalie - we continue to research, experience and explore ways to help ourselves and others live at optimal health in this modern world.

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Date and Time

Thu, 22 June 2023
10PM - 2PM


Castle Howard, York, YO60 7DA



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