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My Jolly Allotment - Why this all started.

A little video I made February 2018 trying to explain what this is all about!

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A eulogy to one of life's greatest people - Our Dad

A hard act to follow… Loveable rouge, unique, respected chef, restaurateur extraordinaire, entertaining story teller, landlord.  My oldest friends words got him just right for me … ‘A wonderful unique man who always new how to make everyone feel welcome and how to throw the best parties’

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Jolly Allotment Diary - 1st January 2019

1st January 2019 - New Years Day at Jolly Allotment

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2018 at Jolly Allotment - Allotment Advent

2018 on the Allotment was a learning experience of triumph and disaster but alway beautiful and always worth the effort.

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Beetroot Goodness Dip

Beetroot Goodness Dip - Lectin free dip, a good alternative to Hummus.

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Club Root - What is it? How does it affect your crops? How to avoid it.

Things don't always go right but learning from our disasters is how we grow - Club Root devastation at Jolly Allotment

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