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Buckwheat Risotto with Winter Vegetables and Field Mushrooms

THE POWER OF FOOD - BUCKWHEAT  Buckwheat is often mistaken for wheat and containing Gluten but it is not a type of wheat. It’s not even a grain but rather a seed. it is a powerful medicine, as seeds are the beginning of life and therefore life at its most powerful and nutritious. This is our Favourite Autumn/Winter Seasonal Recipe - Buckwheat Risotto with Winter Vegetables and Field Mushrooms

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The Power of Mushrooms

A little conversation with Rich from Enriched Superfoods and Jolly Allotment about feeling well and the power of Medicinal Mushrooms and how they can help keep you jolly.

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The Body Needs Fat - The Powerful Kale Caesar Salad

Fat provides energy and is a macronutrient with numerous health benefits. Not only does it make food taste better fat is vitally important for building cell membranes and the protective and connective tissue surrounding nerves. The Powerful Kale Caesar Salad. This is a favourite all year round recipe

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Jolly Allotment Smoky Vegetable Broth

Smoky Vegetable Broth Recipe I cook this broth whenever possible over the fire. It gives it a delicious smoky flavour but it is equally as good made at home on the stove.

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Regenerate and repair broth

REGENERATE AND REPAIR BROTH. Onion and Shallot Nourishing Broth. This is my favourite recipe for repair my signature full of love onion soup. Today made with 1/2 onions and 1/2 shallots for extra nourishing power and pickled fennel seeds delicious!

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Bone Broth and The Gut Wall and why it is so Important.

The Importance of The Gut Wall For your Health And Wellbeing. The gut and the brain are in constant symbiosis,  they are in equal measure responsible for how you feel. Having a fully functioning gut wall is vital for our physical and mental health. A good easy way to repair or maintain  the gut wall lining is to eat foods containing  Bone Broth.

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What is Regenerative Wellness?

Jolly Allotment Regenerative Wellness. What is Regenerative Wellness? ‘Regenerative’, comes from the word ‘regenerate’, which means to restore to a better state. Regenerating your body through better nourishment. Gut Health, Growing and choosing more nutritious food, Movement, Breath work, Meditation, More Emotional Understanding of your self and others.  

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Sesame noodle soup from Jolly Allotment

Sesame noodle soup from Jolly Allotment The best way to repair or maintain the gut lining is to eat foods containing Bone Broth. This delicious gluten free noodle soup is so nourishing for your gut and your immune system . Coeliac Friendly Food.

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What is regenerative agriculture? And Why is it important?

What is regenerative agriculture? And Why is it important? To tell us I have enlisted the help of Alex from Always Grazing. A new Yorkshire based regenerative online butcher. We are so excited about the work these guys are doing to help educate and make better quality meet choices more accessible to us all!

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To be Vegan or Not to be Vegan ?

To be Vegan or Not to be Vegan ? That always seams to be the question at this time of year!  I get asked this the most when I am speaking at events or catering retreats. My belief and experience is that the best diet is the one that suits your body and your gut microbiology! 

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Tahini and Date Fudge

I was completely sugar free for two years and now I am refined sugar free. This is one of my favourite treat recipes.medjool dates

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Jolly Allotment Signature Flaxseed Loaf

Jolly Allotment signature flaxseed loaf. This bread is a great source of fibre and makes perfect breakfast toast or sandwich.

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Follow Your Gut... Some Wise Words from Libby Limon BSc Nutritional Therapist

One of the corner stone functions a nutritionist will look at is your digestive system, as without this working well, nothing you consume will be absorbed well...

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