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What is Regenerative Wellness?

Jolly Allotment Regenerative Wellness. What is Regenerative Wellness? ‘Regenerative’, comes from the word ‘regenerate’, which means to restore to a better state. Regenerating your body through better nourishment. Gut Health, Growing and choosing more nutritious food, Movement, Breath work, Meditation, More Emotional Understanding of your self and others.  

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'The Jolly Trolly' - Our Regenerative Plant-Based Fire Food Truck

Regenerative Plant-Based Fire Food Truck We Feed People - Gut, Mind, Body and Soul  Fire cooked goodness using seasonal, regenerative and organic produce 100% Gluten free, always Coeliac friendly

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The story of Jolly Allotment's founder Polly Baldwin Founder

The story of Jolly Allotment's founder Polly Baldwin 2015. I was physically in a very dark place, Headaches, chronic fatigue, arthritic joints, sore muscles, eczema, constant pain in my ovary, brain fog, memory loss, numb limbs. I could not see a way out of the dark. I felt like a complete failure that I wasn’t able to hold my life together, So I hid a lot of the symptoms from those close to me.

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Jolly Allotment on the Road - The Plan for our Gut Friendly food truck

Jolly Allotment on the Road - The Plan for our Gut Friendly food truck. Where it all began.

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A Jolly Gutsy Gathering -Edition One October 2019

We gathered around the camp fire talked all things gut health and how important connection with food, community and nature are for our wellbeing. Such a beautiful day left me with a glow in my heart.

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The Jolly Trolly Adventure Continues...

Yay! It's so good to get started on the trailer - Who knew demolishing it would be so satisfying.

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The Jolly Trolly Trailer Adventure Has Begun

The adventure to turn my vintage rice trailer into a mobile goodness for wellness hub has begun.

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