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Buckwheat Risotto with Winter Vegetables and Field Mushrooms

THE POWER OF FOOD - BUCKWHEAT  Buckwheat is often mistaken for wheat and containing Gluten but it is not a type of wheat. It’s not even a grain but rather a seed. it is a powerful medicine, as seeds are the beginning of life and therefore life at its most powerful and nutritious. This is our Favourite Autumn/Winter Seasonal Recipe - Buckwheat Risotto with Winter Vegetables and Field Mushrooms

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Yule Tide - Our inner primal human and Why it can feel overwhelming

December is the darkest month in the Northern hemispheres Calendar. As primal humans we would take December as a month of rest and hibernation and your body knows this. This is why our modern way of living December can feel so overwhelming. Knowing how your body wants to be in December and over the Yule Tide can help you gift yourself some things you need to keep you more in balance so you can be at your best for yourself and the around you.

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The Power of Mushrooms

A little conversation with Rich from Enriched Superfoods and Jolly Allotment about feeling well and the power of Medicinal Mushrooms and how they can help keep you jolly.

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Jolly Allotment Smoky Vegetable Broth

Smoky Vegetable Broth Recipe I cook this broth whenever possible over the fire. It gives it a delicious smoky flavour but it is equally as good made at home on the stove.

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What is Regenerative Wellness?

Jolly Allotment Regenerative Wellness. What is Regenerative Wellness? ‘Regenerative’, comes from the word ‘regenerate’, which means to restore to a better state. Regenerating your body through better nourishment. Gut Health, Growing and choosing more nutritious food, Movement, Breath work, Meditation, More Emotional Understanding of your self and others.  

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How our modern-day Santa Claus and his reindeer sleigh evolved from Norse myth

How our modern-day Santa Claus and his reindeer sleigh evolved from Norse myth Santa Claus owes his very existence to the old Norse myths. He’s changed a lot over the centuries, but his origins in Scandinavia and Northern Europe cannot be denied.

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The story of Jolly Allotment's founder Polly Baldwin Founder

The story of Jolly Allotment's founder Polly Baldwin 2015. I was physically in a very dark place, Headaches, chronic fatigue, arthritic joints, sore muscles, eczema, constant pain in my ovary, brain fog, memory loss, numb limbs. I could not see a way out of the dark. I felt like a complete failure that I wasn’t able to hold my life together, So I hid a lot of the symptoms from those close to me.

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To be Vegan or Not to be Vegan ?

To be Vegan or Not to be Vegan ? That always seams to be the question at this time of year!  I get asked this the most when I am speaking at events or catering retreats. My belief and experience is that the best diet is the one that suits your body and your gut microbiology! 

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A eulogy to one of life's greatest people - Our Dad

A hard act to follow… Loveable rouge, unique, respected chef, restaurateur extraordinaire, entertaining story teller, landlord.  My oldest friends words got him just right for me … ‘A wonderful unique man who always new how to make everyone feel welcome and how to throw the best parties’

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Living with Anxiety?

My action plan for days when I feel anxious, sad and emotional.

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Do you feel like the world is not on your side? Here’s how to change your perspective.

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What to do if your mind is affecting your physical health.

Be kind to yourself, your body can hear everything you say!!!

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